Complete Beard Grooming Box Set

Complete Beard Grooming Box Set. Want to pamper your beard like never before? Then this is your must-have beard grooming set.

Inside our stylish gift box are seven best beard grooming products. Starting with the basics of cleaning your beard and what lies beneath – mix our orangey enzyme powder with a little water to get rid of oil, debris and dead skin to leave your beard scrupulously clean. Then use our shaving gel to create a transparent, protective glide layer that allows a precise shave around the lines of your beard. Follow with our face balm that is enriched with protecting properties to soothe your skin whilst conjuring up a herbal aroma of amber and mint and can also be used with our walnut beard brush to train your beard hair into place. And for the final stage, apply our oil to moisturise and leave your beard hair glistening.

Add a dash of eau de toilette and finish with our hair defining cream to complete your overall grooming routine. The Complete Beard Grooming Box Set contains:

  • RASCASSE Face & Beard Wash Cleansing Powder (40g)
  • MALMEDY Shaving Gel (150ml)
  • ARNAGE Face and Beard Balm (100ml)
  • MULSANNE Relaxing Beard Oil (30ml)
  • BEAU RIVAGE Eau de Toilette (100ml)
  • CLUB Defining Cream (75ml)
  • GRAHAM HILL Gift Box


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