With its intricate mechanism, the Trimmer is designed for high-precision work such as cleaning up hairlines or trimming the beard to the shortest length possible without shaving. It impresses with a well-designed control scheme, an ergonomic blade made of carbon steel, and an excellent feel.

Comfort-enhancing details: The high-quality blade can be folded down for quick and easy cleaning. The modern lithium-ion battery allows for cordless use and is compatible with fast charging. Furthermore, the anti-slip soft-touch surface on the bottom of the handle ensures high-precision handling, without any pulling or scratching.

The included attachments further enhance the Trimmer’s versatility, making it an absolute must-have for hair and beard trimming. Also for professional use in hair salons.


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  • Made in Germany
  • The highest level of precision
  • Quick and easy to clean



Product Ingredients

What else can we tell you?

Whilst they look very similar a beard trimmer and hair clipper are designed for very different uses and one of those key differences is the size of their blades. If you are looking for intricate detail, precision, getting close to the skin or for tackling small areas of hair such as around the ears, then a beard trimmer is for you. A hair clipper has larger blades and is used to change the length of hair. It would be very easy to make drastic mistakes to your beard using a hair clipper.

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