Shaving & Beard Accessories

Shaving and beard rituals are highly celebrated in the men’s salon or barber shop: a refreshing beard wash, the lathering of a high quality creamy shaving soap, pleasantly warm and cold compresses turn a regular routine into a wellness experience with the reassurance your skin is being carefully considered and expertly cared for.

Ask your Barber or Stylist if they have a ritual and watch our tutorial to see our professional get to work and take out tips for yourself at home.


RASCASSE Beard Wash Cleansing Powder, an enzyme cleanser suitable for even the most sensitive skin and perfect for thoroughly cleansing the beard and the skin underneath, removing dead skin cells.

CASINO, our especially mild shaving soap for a gentle shave, applied with our signature Graham Hill vegan shaving brush, as the perfect preparation for shaving.

MIRABEAU Aftershave Tonic, refreshes and disinfects the skin for a crisp finish that prevents irritation and seals the skin.

ARNAGE Face & Beard Balm, protects and cares for the skin, whilst making the beard incredibly smooth. Extra mild and lipid-replenishing balm for the face, neck area and beard.

Finish with MULSANNE Relaxing Beard Oil to make even dry and stubborn beard hair shine again.