The Beard Finishing Set

Hill Climb Special

Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, the beautifully crafted GRAHAM HILL Beard Brush and MULSANNE Relaxing Beard Oil make quick work of transforming an unruly beard into one that is beautifully tamed and glistening. Mulsanne is an incredibly moisturising oil that conditions dry beard hair and helps to smooth stray or unruly hairs.

First, apply Mulsanne sparingly to your fingertips and massage into your skin underneath your beard and work into the beard hair at the same time. Then use your beard brush, brushing upward through your beard to ensure you spread the oil evenly, before brushing it carefully into your desired shape. The more often you brush, the easier your beard should become to tame into shape.

Keep this perfect pairing together in the GRAHAM HILL WASH BAG.

Beard Finishing Set contains:

  • Walnut Beard Brush (1 item)
  • MULSANNE Relaxing Beard Oil (30ml)

Normal retail price whn bought individually £56.85

Barbers tip: If you have a little more time, work the product into wet beard hair. It seems to penetrate better and you end up using less, but let it dry thoroughly before brushing.

These are also the trusted beard companions of a seasoned hill climber, read about his passion for hill-climbing and our products here.


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