The Clipper is a high-performance hair clipper designed to achieve precise length changes and fades on classic haircuts. You can also use it to create the desired beard shapes. It gives you the highest level of precision, with extensive features and a modern, ergonomic design.

The blade is made of high-quality extra-hardened stainless steel. This enables accurate cutting and precise trimming. All without any unpleasant pulling and pinching. The on/off button has been designed in the form of an energy-saving LED display. This also functions as a charge indicator.

Regardless of how thick the hair is, the premium linear motor runs completely free from fluctuations. Our Clipper is also particularly quiet.

Its innovative, ergonomic design, including the soft-touch grip, ensures the maximum comfort during use. What’s more the Clipper comes with the following 5 comb attachments: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20mm.  Allowing you to work with greater speed, precision and versatility.

We are proud to say the Clipper is perfectly suited for professional use in hair salons.


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  • Made in Germany
  • Efficient and thorough
  • Optimal comfort during use



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What else can we tell you?

A quick way to know if you need a trimmer or a clipper. If you are looking to change the length of hair, then you need a hair clipper, which has larger blades and attachments to adjust to the length you need. A beard trimmer is designed for precision detail or tackling small areas of hair and with its much narrower blades, would not make light or tidy work of your hair!