The Perfect Shave

The perfect Shave needs the perfect shaving partners. CASINO Shaving Soap Bar is a very mild shaving cream that provides the ideal foundation for a perfectly thorough shave. use your shaving brush to whip up its exceptionally creamy texture. It is this that makes razor blades glide particularly smoothly over the skin, ensuring the feeling of softness, helping to reduce shaving redness. Vegetable oil, made from sustainable cultivation, nurtures the facial skin, whilst vegetable glycerine provides a moisturising effect. The herbal fragrance of wood, eucalyptus and tea accentuates the pleasant feeling of freshness on the skin.

MIRABEAU After Shave Tonic refreshes and nourishes intensively after shaving, seals the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Indian prickly-pear extract has an especially protective effect on the skin. Allantoin moisturises, calms and disinfects the skin after shaving. Fresh mint gives a revitalising sensation and the floral, woody aroma of green tea, jasmine and lime blossom give an attractive fragrance reminiscent of dappled woodland and cosy walks. The perfect product for refreshing and nurturing after your shave.