The Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush

Created for a stylish shave. The GRAHAM HILL shaving brush – with high-grade resin handle and brush made from synthetic fibre – is perfect for a classic shave. The brush is comfortable to hold and provides a particularly creamy, fine-pored lather.


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  • Made in Germany
  • High-grade resin handle
  • Bristles made from synthetic fibre (vegan)


Moisten the shaving area with warm water. Foam the shaving soap in the tin by rotating the moistened brush and gently apply the lather in a circular motion. First, shave in the direction of hair growth. Once complete, shave against the grain. Rinse the shaving area with cold water. To clean the shaving brush, rinse the brush hair with clean water and then squeeze the remaining soap and water out of the brush. Stand the shaving brush upright to let it dry out.

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What else can we tell you?

Did you know that boar bristles are the most common type of hair used for shaving brushes? Like the one on the right, they are recognisable by their white or yellow bristles. Badger hair is widely used, shown on the left with its distinct white and black formation and finally horse hair, the most likely of the three to have been sourced in a cruelty-free way. But if you are looking for a 100% cruelty free, vegan shaving brush guaranteed to perform to a high standard, our shaving brush is for you. Teamed with our CASINO shaving soap, they provide the perfect wet shave.