The Indulgent Shaving Trio

Winning Shaving Formula

Indulgent shaving trio – our three top performing essentials for a perfect shave.

1. Start with CASINO, our especially mild shaving soap made from sustainably cultivated vegetable oil and vegetable glycerine and a favourite with our barber affiliates for its ability to to moisturise and reduce shaving redness. Applied with the specially designed GRAHAM HILL shaving brush, it will help your razor glide effortlessly over your skin.

2. Apply with the GRAHAM HILL Shaving Brush. We’ve used synthetic ‘Black Fibre’ hair, which resembles natural badger hair but is more robust, durable and at the same time slightly softer at the tips than the natural material. Our intensive testing by experienced male users found it to be particularly good at whipping up a creamy shaving foam against other types of brushes. The care required for cleaning and drying is significantly lower too and importantly, no badgers were harmed in its production.  Its high-grade blue resin handle makes it comfortable to hold and an attractive addition for your bathroom.

3. Finish with MIRABEAU Aftershave Tonic. With its woody aroma of jasmine and lime blossom, it will calm, refresh, disinfect and seal the skin to prevent irritation.

All three items are made with vegan ingredients and are paraben free and cruelty free too. As Individual items they normally retail at £66, but together as the Indulgent Shaving Trio they are available exclusively here for £49.


What else can we tell you?

The secret to CASINO is that it keeps the skin nice and moist for a long time, which allows the razor to glide smoothly. Use it generously before shaving, particularly when there is increased hair regrowth on the neck and it will stop redness. Hold a warm towel or facecloth over CASINO once applied for extra moisturising and to open the pores. Barbers love this product and often say ‘our customers ask how we did it!’ Ask your Barber or salon about the GRAHAM HILL beard ritual.