The Stubble Set

The compact GRAHAM HILL beard grooming kit begins with the right cleansing for both the beard and skin underneath. RASCASSE is a mild enzyme powder formulated to remove the keratinocytes secreted by the skin and facial hair. Mixed with water, it releases a light citrussy aroma and creates a fine-pored lather that thoroughly cleanses the face and beard, leaving it fragrantly fresh. ARNAGE Face and Beard Balm soothes and protects the skin and is a relaxing tonic for the face and neck area after shaving. MULSANNE Relaxing Beard Oil is a nourishing beard oil for daily use. It conditions dry beard hair, leaving it smooth and silky and helps smooth stray or unruly hairs. The GRAHAM HILL WASH BAG completes the Stubble Set, our finest beard grooming kit. Available at our special price for a limited time only*.

  • RASCASSE Beard Wash Cleansing Powder (40g)
  • ARNAGE Face and Beard Balm (100ml)
  • MULSANNE Relaxing Beard Oil (30ml)


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