Be gorgeously groomed this Valentines.

couple romantically posed in front of vintage car
Groom to impress and show you care.

Take time with your appearance and you won’t fail to make an impression. Show you care by putting your most handsome self forward and have your partner or dream date swooning this Valentines. Here are some top grooming tips to make sure you’re not only date ready but feel your best and enjoy your evening too.

Gorgeously Groomed Tip 1 – A long shower

Start off with a shower. Theres nothing like rinsing away the days pollutants to reset your body and mind – especially if you’ve had a long day at work or a long commute.

For this first step to get gorgeously groomed and create the right impression for your evening, we recommend our ABBEY Refreshing Hair and Body Wash. This moisturising shower gel is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, with cold-pressed jojoba oil to soften and protect against dryness. It is mild enough to use as an effective daily shampoo too, so you can enjoy your time relaxing in the shower without having to think about switching products.

The vitalising formula with mint extract gently cleans and leaves behind a long-lasting feeling of freshness – perfect if you have want to feel energised for your special evening. Bergamot, water bamboo and blue lotus give your skin and hair a dewy, woody fragrance, perfect for getting up close and stimulating the senses. You can read more about the powerful role of scent here from our fragrance expert.

Gorgeously Groomed Tip 2 – Smooth healthy-looking skin

Don’t forget that your face will be the first impression your loved one will have on your date and its important that your skin looks and feels its best. Always choose skin care products specifically designed with male skin in mind.

We recommend RASCASSE followed by ARNAGE – both of course, developed for men who want the best male grooming products available. RASCASSE cleansing enzyme powder releases a wonderful aroma from its sweet orange and cedar oils when mixed with a little water in the palm of your hand. The enzymes get to work to remove the keratinocytes secreted by the skin and facial hair, helping your skin to look and feel fresh and hydrated. Its also perfect for cleansing your beard if you have one – making it soft and gently fragranced.

Follow with ARNAGE facial balm, perfectly suited whether you’re using it following a shave or as an enhancing balm for daily face and beard care. Enriched with amino acids, arginine gives the skin a suppleness, while panthenol and jojoba oil soothe and nurture the skin leaving it soft to touch and without leaving any greasy residue. It also smooths unruly beard hairs – should you have any.

Gorgeously Groomed Tip 3 – for a clean shave or perfectly groomed beard

Coarse, scratchy stubble or an unkempt beard can be an exceptionally big faux-pas on a romantic evening.

For bearded gentlemen …

… we recommend giving yourself a trim and using a beard balm to smooth things down – especially if you’re going to be dining, you really don’t want any food to be trapped in your facial hair!

Once again, start with RASCASSE to thoroughly cleanse your beard. No one wants to snuggle up to a beard that looks unappealing. It could definitely lessen the likelihood of that all important first kiss!

Now follow with ARNAGE Face and Beard Balm – such a relaxing treat when you apply it and perfect to help get date ready after a hard day at work. Feel yourself begin to unwind as it releases a wonderful herbal aroma of honey, amber, mint and eucalyptus. Not only will your beard be perfectly smooth, but you’ll have a subtle masculine fragrance that your partner is sure to appreciate.

For gents who prefer a beard oil then choose Mulsanne Relaxing Beard Oil. It is a particularly nourishing beard oil for everyday use for both beard and moustache, and we certainly don’t want to forget our moustachioed gents… It leaves dry and stubborn hair looking glossy and absorbs quickly and again, has a wonderfully masculine fragrance.

For those who prefer a clean-shaven look …

… make sure you choose products for your face that won’t make it feel dry and itchy. We suggest using a shaving soap or cream that contains natural ingredients and won’t cause any breakouts, which is the last thing you want before a romantic evening.

Our CASINO Shaving Soap Bar is the ideal foundation for a perfectly thorough shave because it is a very mild shaving cream. The creamy texture makes the razor blades glide particularly smoothly and ensures the feeling of soft skin. It contains vegetable oil, made from sustainable cultivation, to nurture the facial skin.

Finish your grooming with aftershave to retain hydration for the whole evening. MIRABEAU After Shave Tonic refreshes and intensively looks after the skin after shaving. Indian prickly-pear extract protects the skin and Allantoin moisturises, calms and disinfects after shaving. Not only will your skin feel smooth, but it will have a mild fresh scent of green tea, jasmine and lime blossom too.

Gentlemen start your grooming and may we we wish you a wonderful romantic evening.